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In a sector where human interaction is central to success, putting people before profit is paramount.

In a global industry worth billions of euros in Europe alone, language schools have become big business, English courses have become increasingly standardised (regardless of students' needs) and teachers' salaries have dropped. Teacher-led, our project is an active reaction against the growing commercialisation of language training and the impersonalisation that engenders. UK-based, but with a firm European focus, Monfreid & Fry is a training organisation with a strong sense of social responsibility.




Never the happiest of capitalists, we have always sought to challenge the traditional model of the private company. In an effort to promote greater probity, elements of our project include:


  • Fair and flexible pricing linked closely to needs and ability to pay.

  • Sizeable discounts for charities and for organisations with a social or environmental focus.

  • Reduced prices for individuals paying for their own course, with maximum reductions for individuals on low incomes.

  • Higher than average teacher pay to reflect the qualifications, experience and commitment of teachers (and to mitigate the idea that all employment is exploitation).

  • Recognising the individual goals of students as people and creating courses based on what is best for the individual opposed to what is most profitable.

  • Reducing our impact on the world by being conscious of the resources we use, by using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks and by supporting tree-planting projects.


In this day and age, is it really possible to offer fair prices and higher than average wages and still provide the highest possible levels of personal service? With an average of 500 students in Europe a year and a high proportion of returning students, we would suggest it is.

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